Internet access in your room

DSI, with the support of DPAT, plans to implement the eduroam Wifi network in Paul Comparat residences, i.e. for U,V,T,X buildings, during the month of November 2019.

Internet access ?

Internet access is available to anyone with an ECL computing account through an Ethernet socket available in each room. For Adoma rooms, only one of the two sockets works. You have to configure your computer to authenticate to the network. This authentication uses the 802.1x protocol, available on most current operating systems. The following procedure is to be performed only once.
Instructions are available below, in the Configuration steps section.

The Paul Emile Victor residence is not an ECL residence but a private residence – managed by Adoma. An agreement exists between Adoma and the ECL. This agreement provides for the following procedures to access to the computer network.

For the P-E Victor residence, i.e. for buildings A, B and C, the ECL only provides network access for ECL students. For anyone who does not have an ECL computer account, you should contact Adoma directly.

Configuration steps

It doesn’t work: the 5 most common problems encountered !

In order, check these steps :

  1. The identifiers are those of the School, provided during your administrative registration. You had to change your password: check that it is still correct by connecting to the ECL’s centralized authentication service. Each time you change your password, you will have to repeat the configuration steps.
  2. For Windows, remember to uncheck the “Check server certificate” box.
  3. Check your Ethernet network cable by trying a new cable,
  4. After trying too many wrong passwords or credentials, you may have been blocked. You have to wait a quarter of an hour before trying again.
  5. And finally, it may also be that your ethernet socket is defective: with your Ethernet cable and your computer, try to connect to another room.

If the problem persists…

Please note that the DSI exclusively supports the ECL’s network equipments. The configuration of a personal computer in your room is your responsibility.